From the idea to the perfect surface

Excellent advice and support from the very start: We have been designing and developing individual surface textures for more than 25 years – supporting customers in finding the right design and selecting the optimised technology to achieving the perfect result. Your individual surface texture is created in combination with innovative development tools, coating technologies and experienced graphics processing.

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Design development

Inspiration for your surfaces

Expressing your ideas is our motivation. A diverse range of applications, new trends and materials as well as a growing customisation of products and their design features present new challenges in terms of design expertise and technologies. A challenge which we face head on with innovation, passion and commitment.

From a variety of options – ranging from architectural, geometric up to textile and natural patterns – we develop the right texture for your surfaces. A high level of specialist know-how in the field of metallurgy, combined with sophisticated craftsmanship and the use of modern laser processing as well as 3D printing technologies guarantee the right surface texture for every area of use.

This makes Eschmann Textures one of the world's leading suppliers in the field of surface treatment, both in the automotive sector and in the field of consumer products.


Experience makes the difference

Eschmann Textures develops stylish surface textures for the plastic-moulding industry for virtually every area of use – from high-quality packaging to automotive applications.

Benefit from over 25 years of market experience and
the know-how from the best in the field.


You can download the overview brochure here

3D printing

Design expertise

We develop aesthetic and functional surfaces with cutting-edge graphics processing and can present them in plastic using 3D printing technology in a wide colour palette. Surface textures developed in a 3D printing process can also be transferred to components with a high degree of reproducibility with Eschmann Textures RealTec prototype modelling.

For our customers this means a significant shortening of the decision-making process. Depending on the respective requirements for tool geometry and design, the appropriate technology can be selected for subsequent tool processing.


DigiTex: Innovative 3D printing technology for pre-visualisation

  • Virtually any design can be presented, even in multi-colour
  • Decorative surfaces that are great to see and feel – unbelievably quickly
  • The texture can be transferred in 3D printing to any material, e.g. plastic or glass.
  • Can be combined with our Cera-Shibo technology to flexibly produce plastic injection moulding tools for applications which are close to series production.
  • Can be used as a basis for the RealTec prototype procedure where
    a surface-finish texture film can be applied to parts


Digiflex: A unique process from Eschmann Textures

  • Worldwide unique process, providing a cost-effective way of bringing together colour and texture in one tool
  • 3D textures can be applied to flexible, self-adhesive decorative carriers
  • Ideal for the production of small batch series of 50 to 100 for sampling, trade shows or presentations
  • Especially suitable for use in blow moulding as well as in injection moulding with PP-based substrates.

You can download the flyer for Digiflex here


G-Coat: Added value for plastic surfaces

Using the new “G Coat” coating process, Eschmann Textures offers a unique process to reduce process-related problems in plastics processing.

A benefit for users aiming to produce high quality surfaces and to reduce the reject rate.

Simple and cost effective, right from the very start.

Properties and benefits:

G-Coat is suitable for steel and aluminium tools, PP-based plastics and ABS. Improving surface texture consistency over the entire surface on chemically etched, lasered or polished surfaces by improving the flow and die filling properties.

G-Coat offers excellent protection against corrosion, variable coating thicknesses between 8 and 30 μm and gloss levels from matt to gloss.

G-Coat can also be used as a texture replacement up to an eroding level in accordance with VDI3400 ST 30. Combined with Cera-Shibo from Eschmann Textures, the coating improves the resistance to solvents or abrasion. It can also be removed at any time and re-applied for repair purposes.

You can download the G-Coat flyer here

You can download the flyer for G-Coat here

Cera-Mat: Elegance you can see and feel

Cera-Mat is a flexible coating process in which microporous ceramic particles are applied to surfaces. This technology can significantly reduce shine to a nearly lacquer-like finish without changing the surface’s basic texture. Cera-Mat can enhance or completely replace conventional gloss reduction processes like Eschmann Textures’ own MatDown process. Tools coated with Cera-Mat are easy to protect from corrosion using a VCI powder.

Use Cera-Mat to create elegant product finishes that look sophisticated and high-class.

Matt surfaces are in trend – best sales opportunities for your products.

Properties and benefits:

Cera-Mat is suitable for original equipment or optimisation of virtually all tool dimensions. The process offers comparatively short processing times, is suitable for low coating thicknesses and can also be used for low draft angles.

There is no thermal impairment of tool steel due to the lower coating temperatures. Coatings can be flexibly adapted to fit the requirements of plastics. Graduated coatings are also possible.

Cera-Mat coatings are suitable for the most commonly used cleaning agents and are easy to remove. There are therefore hardly any limitations on repairs.

You can download the Cera-Mat flyer here


Cera-Coat: Design flexibility & part optimisation

Based on Cera-Shibo technology, Cera-Coat is a flexible surface finishing process for technical applications.

The process is particularly suitable for textured tool contours in order to supply small batch series, for example for special optional equipment.

Cera-Coat is also useful for coating B surfaces, e.g., to adjust wall strength or rib contours, to improve die filling characteristics and heat conduction, and consequently, to reduce costs where it counts.

Properties and benefits:
Cera-Coat can be polished (even up to mirror finishes) and can be treated mechanically (e.g. milling, grinding, and drilling). The process is flexible, can deliver coating thicknesses of greater than 300 μm and offers impressively short processing times. It is also suitable for coating sintered or casting material.

Lower coating temperatures mean no thermal impairment of tool steel. Tools coated with Cera-Coat can be restored to their original state at any time and are therefore suitable for special-purpose and series production from one tool. Flexible change management enables, for example, subsequent rib reinforcement.

Cera-Coat improves die filling and surface quality of parts, depending on the coating thickness and use of rigid or moveable tool sides. Flexible repair options are also available for coating damage.

You can download the Cera-Coat flyer here


Laser welding

Flexible, precise, cost-effective

Laser welding has become a flexible repair solution in die making in comparison to conventional welding processes.

Whether it's just small broken edges, larger contour areas or damage to high-quality surface textures that need to be repaired – laser welding offers an inexpensive and quick way to repair tools of different sizes and dimensions.

Surface textures can be re-engraved manually after welding or repaired with conventional etching technology using suitable print templates. Distortion-optimised textures can also be repaired thanks to the opportunities offered by modern digital printing. An advantage for surface textures produced in a laser-etching process.


Laser welding: at a glance

Areas of application:

  • Repair of defective plastic, die-casting or injection moulding dies
  • Repair of high-quality surface textures
  • Wear, breakouts or temperature cracks on moulding tools and dies


  • Less energy transfer onto the work piece
  • Precise processing of delicate textures
  • Cost savings over other processes
  • Short processing times
  • High precision and accuracy
  • Reduction in damage to the work piece
  • Flexible tool sizes can be processed


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Customer service

Anytime and anywhere

Plastic injection moulding tools and dies‑can become damaged in series production. If this damage affects grained surfaces, fast and expert assistance is required. Eschmann Textures regards itself as a full-service supplier that also offers a mobile service to its customers.

Repairs to areas with high-quality surface textures must always be dealt with separately. We offer advice and support in advance for welds, polishes or application-orientated solutions.

We provide these services by arrangement and work closely together in this area with long-term partners in specialist welding and polishing applications. Our customer service team offers the option of on-site customer service or at our own locations.

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